Are you organizing an event? Business or private? An exhibition, congress, brand event, Christmas drink or wedding? If you are looking for original and sustainable ways to decorate your event, we offer a wide range of options:

  • Logos, lettering, signing / signage, cut from materials such as wood, Plexiglas, cardboard or sticker material
  • Invitations, name cards and signs, carved and engraved in wood or cardboard, too beautiful to throw away!
  • Original awards and sustainable promotional gifts
  • Many years of knowledge and experience in the field of product marketing, product design and graphic design. In short, we like to think along with you to come up with exciting and innovative concepts for your event!
  • From single pieces to series production, from urgent jobs to innovative challenging projects
  • We can also come to your event with our mobile laser cutter and cut or engrave give aways on the spot!

For more information about the possibilities, mail us.