Our factory

In the past 30 years almost all manufacturing industry has moved from the Netherlands to the Far East. We try to bring this back to the Netherlands with our digitally controlled techniques. These techniques are controlled on the basis of a drawing made in the computer that ‘tells’ them how to move precisely. Easy is that! Almost then, because it is not entirely automatic. The equipment certainly needs further control and some maintenance needs to be carried out as well. Since there are no educations in this field we like to offer this. CRE8 offers young people who have faced major challenges an opportunity to change their lives. They are our Makers, raised in the digital age, and they learn to work with the different techniques and help with the manufacture of our products.



3d printing offers unprecedented possibilities, not only for the manufacturing of prototypes and unicas, but also increasingly for the production of small series (consumer) products. See, for example, our collection of vases. The freedom of form, the choice of materials and colors and the stormy developments within the 3D printers market make 3D printing increasingly accessible to a large audience.


Laser cutting is a technique with which a laser can cut shapes in all kinds of materials, such as wood, plastic, paper, cardboard, rubber, leather or textiles. CRE8 has two large and one small format laser cutters at its disposal. The highly concentrated laser beam cuts perpendicularly through all kinds of plate material. This way every shape can be cut out quickly and very accurately.


Self-adhesive text (s), figures, images, pictograms, templates, logos and other decorations are cut out with our vinyl cutter computer-controlled from high-quality sticker material (vinyl foil). Our vinyl foil sticks on walls, doors and windows, is also suitable for outdoor use and has a long lifespan.

made in holland

Actually, it is special that we design, make and sell all our products in one and the same place in the middle of Amsterdam.

95% of all products are made in the Far East

CRE8 makes everything in the middle of Amsterdam

  • We use wood from European forests and have the FSC label
  • For 3D printing, we mainly use plastics made from plant remains (bioplastic)
  • Our factory is located in the middle of Amsterdam and not somewhere in the Far East, where almost all consumer products are manufactured. This is made possible by our digital manufacturing techniques: Based on a drawing made in the computer, our equipment knows exactly how to move. Easy is that! (almost then …)
  • In addition, these techniques result in little to no waste, which is why we are able to operate in the middle of the city. In fact, all the residual materials still try to use as much as possible, for example we cut pieces of a puzzle or rings.
  • All equipment is also powered by green energy
  • With our way of working the largest environmental gain is achieved by the loss of transport from China or Bangladesh to the port of Rotterdam. This saves a lot of liters of diesel!
  • Another big advantage of our techniques is that we can make every product custom. So we only make what is ordered!
  • Thus CRE8 is a workshop and shop in one. If you come by, you will immediately get a look into the kitchen and see how our products are made. Completely transparent and in a fair way.
  • Many of our products are personalizable and provide unique results. That personal touch can lead to a product that lasts a lifetime. What is more sustainable than that???