The venture CRE8


Jurre Groenenboom
Founder CRE8 / Designer
Jurre Groenenboom studied Industrial Design Engineering at Delft University of Technology and has worked, among other places, at HEMA and as a freelance designer. As the founder and driving force behind CRE8, he is responsible for the daily management. He also takes on the role of Creative Coach, helping to increase the creative potential of the youngsters working at CRE8.

Maria Nguyen:
Co founder CRE8 / Marketing
After Maria graduated as Industrial Designer at Delft University of Technology she went on to gain marketing experience working at electronics giant Philips and several non-profit organizations. Maria has been actively involved at CRE8 from the start and is in charge of marketing and communication. She is also responsible for coaching the youngsters in their daily activities in her role as Work floor Coach.


The combination of the CRE8 Foundation and Venture allows us to offer our services in a socially responsible way. Thanks to the blend of practical coaching provided in the workshops and the support given by Stichting Streetcornerwork, the trainees who work for us are not only able to operate the machinery but can also communicate well with our customers. In this way we are positively contributing to the career chances of these young people. By combining the foundation with the commercial venture, CRE8 can act as an independent organization with our own strategy and project management.

We offer, among others, the following services 3D-printing, laser cutting and lettering. Please feel free to contact us for advice and design services concerning prototyping and production of your product – we can accompany you from start to finish in the process of developing a product. Maybe you already have a design and would like to make a test print? No problem! We have different materials and colours at our disposal to fabricate your 3D print or product as you wish.


Besides the possibility of having your own products designed and fabricated, we also offer off-the-shelf products in our webshop, including lamps, jewelry and other (business) gifts. We also have a small shop in our workshop where our products are on display. You can pass by any time you like and directly experience how 3D printing and laser cutting works.