For many fashion designers, the use of digital manufacturing techniques is still unknown territory, while our techniques have so much to offer. A laser cutter is the ideal tool for cutting complex patterns out of fabrics. A 3D printer creates unique accessories, one-offs that are impossible to make with other techniques. The possibilities are endless:

  • Laser cutting patterns in all types of fabrics. The laser cutter creates a cutting line by either burning away material (with natural materials such as cotton and leather) or by melting material away (with synthetic materials). In general, laser cutting of synthetic fabrics gives better results, the cutting edges of natural fabrics will discolor a little brown and may give off a little.
  • Laser engraving logos, patterns or texts, especially on natural fabrics such as leather.
  • 3D printing of accessories, buckles, closures, etc. in nylon.
  • The basis for cutting out or 3D printing is a 2D or 3D file. We can help you with the creation of such a file. With our background as a product and graphic designers we like to think along!

For more information about the possibilities, mail us.

You can always drop by to bring in samples for testing. It is always a matter of searching for the right cutting settings for each material in order to achieve the best possible result. We now have a lot of experience in this and sometimes it takes some creativity to achieve the desired result. We work for renowned names like Victor&Rolf and Iris van herpen and are therefore used to meeting the high demands of quality.