Are you looking for a unique award, cup or prize? Much that is offered in the market is standard and impersonal. CRE8 designs and makes something very special and personal for you. With the various techniques we have in house, we achieve beautiful results and satisfied customers every time. Our techniques enable us to provide customization, not only for a single piece, but also for a small series.

Many companies and organizations sometimes hold (internal) elections, competitions or tournaments. From “Employee of the month” to “Best Book, Film or Play”. A standard metal jar with engraving is an option, but a custom-made design is of course much more fun. We offer a wide range of possible materials, from wood, plexiglass to bioplastic, and for every budget. If you are interested, please contact us.

AWARD: Ontwerp & fabricage voor ZORGINSTITUUT NL
AWARD: Ontwerp & fabricage voor Filmschuur Haarlem
AWARD: Ontwerp & fabricage voor ZAPP Theaterprijs
AWARD: Ontwerp & fabricage voor STICHTING LEZEN
FILM AWARDS: Ontwerp & fabricage voor YAFKA
AWARD: Ontwerp & fabricage voor BRAND FIGHTERS


The design of the award can be realized in various ways. You may already have a nice idea, but otherwise a logo, subject or occasion will give us enough inspiration to come up with a design. If desired, we can make multiple designs, for you to choose the most beautiful and best fitting.


Mainly the complexity and size of the award or prize are decisive for the costs. We often work on the basis of a fixed budget and work towards an optimal price/quality ratio. 3D printing and laser cutting each offer their own unique possibilities, for us the challenge to make optimal use of this. We have many repeat customers who need a (new) award a year later. That is no problem, we then only charge the costs for making the award.