Our method

Together with the Streetcornerwork foundation, CRE8 Social Venture offers a traineeship for young people in Amsterdam which provides them with a way into the labour market and offers them a solid structure and guidance in an inspiring work environment. They start by receiving an introduction to the organization; if they like it, they can follow the traineeship where they learn to work with the machinery. Besides gaining technical and practical knowledge about the machinery, these youngsters experience what it’s like to work in a company and have the opportunity to expand their wider employee skills.

They also get the chance to develop their individual creativity and talents. Eventually trainees are able to be fully part of the production processes and sales. During the traineeship, Streetcornerwork offers an intensive, practical out-reach support on a personal level. Every day employees of CRE8 are present to coach the youngsters.


The rapid developments of the last few years have made the use of digital fabrication techniques such as 3D printing and laser cutting more widely available. In the years to come these developments will lead to new professions which will, by interfacing between the virtual and physical reality, turn into the new crafts of the 21st century. The machine will transform digital handicraft into tangible results, whether in a small production run or as unique one-off creations. This craft could easily be found on every street corner since the techniques take up little space and result in less, or even no waste. In short: Urban Fabrication!


CRE8 social venture wants to be meaningful for everyone in the community; not only for clients and consumers, but also by focusing on the talents and effort of less visible groups within society, specifically disadvantaged youngsters. Having grown up in the ‘digital’ world, younger people are generally more attracted to working with these kinds of digital fabrication techniques. At CRE8 they can discover their interests, and under the supervision of the CRE8 employees have the chance to evolve. In this way we want to positively contribute to the career opportunities available to these young people. At CRE8 Social Venture everyone is welcome to work on the(ir) future.