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For laser cutting we need:

– digital drawing(s), as .ai file (Illustrator) or .dxf file (AutoCAD). Use our templates to prevent errors.
– your choice of our materials

After receiving your request we will send you a quote within 24 hours. In the event of an agreement, you will directly receive the invoice with a payment link via IDeal or credit card. After payment we will start with your assignment as soon as possible.

Are you unable to realize a digital drawing yourself?

We can do the drawing for you: only with a simple sketch, photo or model we can already work and convert this into a digital file that can be read by our machines. We use an hourly rate of € 60 / hour with a minimum of 15 minutes.

Do you need help in creating your design?

We offer help and advice to make a design producible for both a single and a series of products. For more info send a mail to

Do you have questions about how to deliver the drawing (s)?

All information about this can be found here. If you have any further questions, please contact us via

Do you want to know which materials we have in stock as standard? Or do you want to supply material yourself? Do you want to cut into metal?

On this page you will find an overview of our material range. You can of course supply material yourself, that is no problem at all. Not all materials can be cut well, for example we can not cut metal. From materials with which we do not have any cutting experience, we always ask for an extra piece of approximately 10 x 10 cm for a test.

Do you want to have your drawing cut out several times? Do you want to have a series produced?

That is possible, of course. The easiest way is to make a cutting file based on the size of the material to be cut (or use one of our templates). Place the object to be cut in the file, as much as fits. Are you short of space? Then create a second (and third, etc) file to place the other objects. Do you still have too short space, in other words the series has a (fairly) large size, please email us to

When is the cutting done?

Normally we reach a delivery after 3 working days. Are you in a hurry? Then it may also be ready in 1 day. We do use a rush rate for this and then charge 50% extra costs. Also for a rush assignment you will first receive a quote, from the agreement and payment the duration of 1 working day = 24 hours applies.

Do you want to cut out text?

You can, of course, but keep in mind that the inner shapes of the o, b, d, p, a, etc are cut loose from the rest, resulting in loose shapes. If you want to have everything connected, you may find and use a stencil font in your drawing program. If not, you could possibly add bridges yourself in your program and otherwise we can do that for you. Please contact us via 

Do you want to engrave an image or logo?

– If you want to supply us with an object or material for a surface engraving, please fill in the form under the tab “LASERGRAVEREN”.
– If the engraving is part of a cutting drawing that also involves cutting and/or line engraving, then supply the drawing with the correct colors. Check our design guidelines.

Is your question not listed?

Please contact us via or 020-7521883

For laser engraving we need:

– A digital drawing of the desired engraving, provided as an image (high resolution .jpg, .bmp, .png, .tiff) or as a vector file (.ai (Illustrator) or .dxf (AutoCAD)). Maximum file format: 10 Mb (if larger, send it via Wetransfer)
– The material/object to be engraved. You can also supply the material yourself. PLEASE NOTE: we engrave with standard settings which can lead to a lighter or darker result than expected. In order to exclude this risk, we recommend providing an extra piece so that we can first do a test.

After receiving your request we will send you a quote within 24 hours. In the event of an agreement, you will directly receive the invoice with a payment link via IDeal or credit card. After payment we will start with your assignment as soon as possible.



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    Do you have a question about one of our products? Perhaps the answer to your question is below:

    What is the delivery time?

    The delivery time depends on the product. The products that we tailor-make for you logically cost a little more time. The expected delivery time is indicated per product. Do you need your product urgently? Let us know and we will do our best to have it delivered to you as soon as possible.

    Is everything made in the Netherlands?

    Yes, we make all our products from A till Z in our little factory is located in the middle of Amsterdam. And thus not somewhere in the Far East, where almost all consumer products are manufactured. This is made possible by our digital manufacturing techniques: Based on a drawing made in the computer, our equipment knows exactly how to move. Easy is that! (almost then …) In addition, these techniques result in little to no waste, which is why we are able to operate in the middle of the city. In fact, all the residual materials still try to use as much as possible, for example we cut pieces of a puzzle or rings. All equipment is also powered by green energy, so all in all quite sustainable!

    Where can I buy your products?

    From our workshop in the heart of Amsterdam, about 10 minutes walk from the station, we also sell our products. Here you can take a look in the kitchen and see how everything is made. Of course there is also our online shop on this website and our products are also available in various stores in the Netherlands, Belgium, France and England.

    What are the shipping costs?

    Depending on the dimensions of your order, 2 options apply:

    Mailbox package €4
    Can I return my product?

    You have the right to return the item within 14 days without giving reasons. The shipping costs of your return are for your own account. Read more about this at Delivery/Returns

    Is your question not listed?

    Then fill in the form below:

      For all other questions …

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