All gifts are designed by CRE8 and fully customizable

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Sustainability plays an important role in the entire manufacturing process.



In our shop and workshop in the middle of Amsterdam we make all our products ourselves!

Lokale Relatiegeschenken van CRE8


Together with disadvantaged young people, whom we teach to become craftsmen of the 21st century.



  • We provide every gift with a personal message. Which you can even adjust per individual relationship!
  • Looking for a very special gift? We design and make your own unique gift based on your wishes.



  • Storing products is not necessary: we make when you need it.
  • A single product, for example for a birth, birthday, anniversary or departure. Or a large production run: we make it!
  • Save time and money, we take care of the labeling and shipping process.



CUSTOMIZED, what is possible?


Meet the designer

Jurre Groenenboom, CEO and founder of CRE8, studied Industrial Design at TU Delft and then worked as a designer at HEMA and as a freelancer.

“I like products that are so simple and logical that you think why has this never been thought of before? “For a designer, that is the biggest task, to reduce a complex assignment to the most simple solution. And with the limited resources available. We can make a lot within the CRE8 workshop, but also a lot not. In order to achieve a sustainable product collection, the available materials to work with are also limited, which creates interesting challenges that I am happy to take on!”

Unburdening, what is possible?

Social return

Does your company have a social return obligation? You can fulfill this in various ways at CRE8. After all, with us you make a direct social impact. Thanks to your spending, we can offer more young people a work-study trajectory and more participants will also successfully transfer to training or work. And not only that, with further growth CRE8 will also hire more makers themselves.

The makers of CRE8 are young people with a distance to the labor market who follow a work-study trajectory at CRE8. The aim is to move on to training or employment. During their time at CRE8, they learn valuable skills, discover their interests and perform meaningful work. This generation of young people grew up in a ‘digital world’, which fits perfectly with learning to work with the laser cutters and 3D printers of CRE8. The makers are given the space to design and make products themselves. In addition, they help with the daily production activities. This is how our makers become craftsmen of the 21st century! The fixed structure, supervision and an inspiring working environment give young people a chance to develop. In this way, CRE8 wants to make a positive contribution to the career opportunities of these young people and to society.

Original Promotional Gifts from CRE8

Are you looking for original business gifts for your employees or external relations? Business gifts that are just that little bit different? What makes you stand out during a business event? Gifts with which you thank your employees in an original way? An original gift for a colleague who has just become a father or mother? Or for another special occasion where an employee is put in the spotlight, such as an anniversary, birthday or farewell? CRE8 makes original promotional gifts with impact! Sustainable business gifts, which are specially made for you by our makers.

Original promotional gifts and more

Actually you could say that not only are the promotional gifts original in themselves, but everything around it contains a good portion of originality. CRE8 is not your average workshop, where monotonous work is done in a factory-like manner. CRE8 is creative, innovative and likes to tackle things! We have designed all our original promotional gifts ourselves. What’s original about our way of making? You can read more about this here. And also get to know our makers, which you can find here. Do you have an idea for an original promotional gift? We like to think along with you. And we are happy to make the most original custom promotional gift, especially for you!