Sustainable promotional gifts

At CRE8 we have developed and made all kinds of promotional gifts in recent years. From engraving logos on products to developing and making a completely new promotional gift. We always try to do this in the most sustainable way possible. If we develop a product from A to Z and take it into production, we of course have a full grasp of that. If we receive products for engraving a logo we naturally have less control. But that is beyond dispute:

  • All our equipment runs on 100% green energy.
  • Everything is made in the heart of Amsterdam and does not have to come from the Far East.
  • Our production techniques such as 3d printers and laser cutters lead to little or no waste
  • Our wood comes from European forests and is FSC certified
  • For 3D printing we only use plastics made from plant remains (bioplastic)
  • Our makers are disadvantaged youngsters who face a distance to the labor market and who follow a traineeship with us

We have now put together a range of sustainable promotional gifts that you can purchase from us. In addition, we offer a collection of occasion gifts that you can give employees on a special occasion such as a birth or holiday. In addition, we can always create a custom design for you!


We design promotional gifts that are worth keeping and that are sustainable in that sense. Of course we also take into account the environmental impact of material and production. We can design sustainable promotional gifts for you or engrave your logo into products made of wood, metals, fabrics and even fruit and vegetables! It is even possible to personalize each product with, in addition to your logo, the name of the recipient.

Below you can see various examples of customized designs. If you want more information about the possibilities, please mail us.