Series production

In addition to the single items that you can order from us, we are also capable of making series production. After making a prototype, a series production can be started. Our makers are responsible for the quality of the production work, the assembly of the various parts and the packaging. We offer:

  • Serial production from 10 pieces to 1000+ pieces
  • Our techniques enable us super-fast to get from the first model to a production-ready product.
  • Serial laser cutting, laser engraving or 3D printing of your products with a short delivery time.
  • Finishing, assembling and packing your products and possibly sending them directly to the relevant customer.
  • Production and delivery based on drop shipping: we will make it at the moment you have an order and send it directly to the customer. </ span>
  • Knowledge and experience in producing our own product collection
  • If desired, support in the development of your product, from idea to series production, or just a few steps in between.

For more information about the possibilities, mail us.



Of varying complexity: Design, production, assembly or just engraving a logo, it’s all possible.


CRE8 is a social workshop 2.0. Disadvantaged youngsters who face a distance to the labor market follow a traineeship where they learn to work with our digitally controlled production techniques. On the one hand they help in the daily production and on the other hand are abled to work on their own projects and development. The goal is to prepare the youngsters to start an education or job after the traineeship. We differ from the regular social workshop for this and the following reasons:

  • Regular social workplaces are generally the endpoint for their employees. CRE8 is a flow-through place, we help young people to take steps in order for them to enter the regular labor market.
  • CRE8 is a social firm that derives most of its income from the market. A small part comes from the government that pays a fee for the training that we offer our participants. A regular social workplace is fully funded by the government.