CRE8 is thé 3D print shop in Amsterdam, with knowledge and experience in working with all types of 3d printers and materials. Only CRE8 offers different types of 3D printing techniques in Amsterdam enabling us to fulfill your needs. Besides this our main advantage is we are able to deliver within 3 work days!

3D printing creates unprecedented possibilities, not only for the fabrication of prototypes and unica’s, but more often for creating a small production run of (consumer) products. A good example is our our lighting collection. The freedom of form, the choice of materials and colours and the fast moving developments within the 3D printer market makes 3D printing more and more available for a wider audience.





Full color

High Definition

3d printen amsterdam fdm 3d printen amsterdam full color high_def_1
Applications: Cheap and fast way of prototyping, already interesting in early stage of design process With over a million of available colors a realistic color rendering could be added to an object For objects requiring a high accuracy and surface quality
Printing in common plastics like ABS, PLA and PET Printing in sandstone or plastic Printing in transparant resin
Even suitable for the fabrication of small series Ideal for the 3D selfie and visual modellen like products with a graphic print Ideal for printing miniatures, jewelry and (small) protheses
Costs: Start up costs = €10 Start up costs= €10 Start up costs = €10
Material costs = €0,35 – €0,70/cm3 Material costs = €1,30 – €2,60/cm3 Material costs = €5,20/cm3
Max. dimensions: 220 x 210 x 200 mm 254 x 381 x 203 mm 533 x 381 x 300 mm
Resolution: >0,06 mm >0,1 mm >0,03 mm
Materials: PLA, ABS, PET Sandstone and plastic Transparant resin
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What implications could 3d printing have for your company?

In the field of 3d printing CRE8 is your knowledge partner in Amsterdam, with years and years of experience and gained knowledge in the field of product design and -marketing, fabrications of prototypes with 3D printing techniques and the preparations for serie productions.