Besides cutting our laser cutters are also able to make engraving, even in metal! Engraving can be done in two ways: vector engraving and raster engraving. We are also able to engrave round objects thanks to our rotary engraving module.

Vector engraving

hout lijngravure karton lijngravure leer_lijngravure telefoonhoesje_lijngravure

Vector engraving is a method of marking or scoring a material surface. Like the laser cutting process the laser beam will follow the path of vector strokes without cutting all the way through. The depth is usually not more than a few tenths of a millimeter, but this can vary. The width of the stroke is approx. 0.2mm.

Wood Black line with a good contrast Leather Black line with a good contrast
Acrylic Colorless line, a bit matt with very little contrast. Best visibility in black or a dark colour Metal Black line with a good contrast
Cardboard Black line with a good contrast Glass Matte line with some contrast

Costs Low Do you want to have something vector engraved? Check our guidelines below and request a quote.

Raster engraving

Vector engraving is a method of marking where the laser head engraves by moving from left to right down the material. The distance between the lines is less than a tenth of a millimeter to ensure a high resolution detailing. This method is fairly time-consuming and might lead to a longer production time and higher costs. Our CRE8 craftsmen will always assess the work and make sure that we produce your design in the most efficient way possible. Even though the laser actually removes material from the surface, it’s usually not economical to use raster engraving to create real depth.

hout_vlakgravure leer vlak gravure menukaart vlakgravure zilver acrylaat vlakgravure
Text and patterns

To engrave a text, the text in the digital drawing needs to be converted to ‘outlines’ (Illustrator: command ‘Create Outlines’, CAD programs: command ‘Explode’). Make the lines around the surfaces in green (check our drawing guidelines below), than it’s clear to us what surfaces need to be engraved.

agenda_boekje_3 lasersnijden_workshop_2 notitieboek_3

Images (built up from pixels) we can directly engrave on different surfaces, like wood and cardboard. Not only on sheet material, but also on products like notebooks, agendas, wine boxes, cutting boards and small furniture up to 40 cm in height! The image should be converted to a bitmap though. We could do that for you as well.

Variants in engraving speed and power

By varying the speed and power of the laser we can create different colors and effects. This offers a palette of graphical expressions with a high precision and full of contrast.

Wood Acrylic Cardboard
hout_vlakgravure_overzicht acrylaat_vlakgravure_overzicht karton_vlakgravure_overzicht
Multiplex discolours in different hues of brown Acrylic becomes matte white (you can only achieve a good contrast with dark colors) Cardboard discolours in different hues of brown

Costs: depends on size, check our overview. Do you want to have something laser engraved? Check our guidelines below and request a quote per email.


hout_vlakgravure bow_advies menukaart vlakgravure gravure_snijplank

Engraving on wood can lead to very good results, for texts, patterns and as well as images. Wood can discolour in many different hues resulting in beautiful representations of images, full of contrast.


boekstart_award yakfa plexiglas_graveren acrylaat_graveren

The PP foils are not suited for engraving, the contrast between material and engraving is too little. With acrylate on the other hand good results can be achieved for texts and patterns, and to a lesser extent images (only a few hues of white possible).



Solid cardboard is well suited for engraving, for both texts, patterns and images. For example to create a beautiful engraving on a notebook or dummy. Corrugated cardboard is not suited.


hof_van_nl notitieboek_3 leer_lijngravure

We don’t have a lot of experience in this. Of course leather suits very well for engraving and probably other natural materials like cotton and linen would give nice results as well. Probably engravings on synthetic fabrics result in low contrast compared to the rest of the material.


rotatiegravure_pen_3 graveren_rvs rvs_graveren beitel

In contrast to cutting we are able to engrave on metals. To do so we add a special paste that is burned on the metal. Anodised aluminium can’t be engraved though.

rotary engraving

rotatiegravure_marker rotatiegravure_pen rotatiegravure_rvs

CRE8 can also engrave round objects! By fixing the round object on our rotary-axis we can make vector and raster engravings.

Guidelines laser engraving

Do you want to apply vector as well as raster engravings? Put the different lines in separate layers and color the lines according to below overview.

Layer name Line colors
cut blue (RGB 0,0,255)
line engraving red (RGB 255,0,0)
raster engraving green (RGB 0,255,0)