Digital drawing and modelling

CRE8 likes to support you in the process from idea till design. We like to think along with you during your project, making the digital drawing and fabricating your design with our 3laser cutter. Laser cutting requires a so called vector-file, drawn in programs like AutoCAD, Illustrator and Inkscape. Besides drawing our scanners are able to scan drawings and turn them into digital representations. Thus, in short, even a simple sketch, photo or model can be transformed in a digital file our printers can work with.

Product development

Thanks to years of working in product development and product marketing we have gained a lot of knowledge and experience of the design profession. This has allowed us to develop an overview of different kinds of market segments, enabling us to effectively think along with you when it comes to your own designs. We can use this knowledge to develop cost efficient ideas and/or 2D/3D designs into concrete products to be created as a one-off, or as a full product run. During the design process our facilities enable us to test the design at all stages, from creating preliminary models to final prototypes, allowing you to adjust the design along the way and have it manufactured according to your needs.


Would you like to design something by yourself with the use of our 3D printers or laser cutter and/or by learning to use one of the 3D modelling software packages available? The perhaps it could be interesting for you to take part in one of our workshops. We offer workshops and courses for everyone, from beginner to expert. Design and make, for example, your own lamp or jewelry or learn to work with 3D software.

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One stop innovation shop

Is your company considering to innovate by launching a new product? Do you have an idea already, but no idea how to realize it? We like to help you out in developing and optimizing a market strategy, mapping the real needs of your customers and capturing this a program of requirements.