CRE8 offers very competitive prices and provides customers with not only great results but the best possible service as well. The ability of our laser cutter to work with large surface areas offers many possibilities and our central location in the city makes it convenient to pass by and discuss the design or idea with us – we like to think along with you! The cost for laser cutting is structured as follows:

Start up costs € 10
Material costs Depending on the chosen material, calculated based on the surface that is needed
An extra margin of 5 mm is calculated beyond the required area of material
If more than 80% of the whole sheet is used, the whole sheet is charged
Cut costs €1/min cutting, the speed of cutting strongly depends on the chosen material and its thickness.

Prices are excl. taxes


Multiple files/materials
When there are multiple files to be cut and/or different materials to be used we charge €5 per change of file/material in additional costs

Duplex adhesive foil (back side material)
If desired, a duplex adhesive foil can be applied on the back of the sheet before cutting. This enables you to stick the piece anywhere you like. Mainly used for cardboard, thinner sheets of wood and acrylate (non-transparent). Very well suited for sticking different layers on one another, for example when making a maquette. Not suitable for outdoor use and for long-lasting vertical application (unless load is low).

Protection tape
There is the possibility to apply a special protection foil to achieve a maximum surface quality without the burn marks of the laser. This is not standard.

For more information about costs please contact us.


When an engraving is part of a cutting job the time needed for the engraving will be added in the cutting time and thus in the cutting costs. When only an engraving is made, the price is determined by the size of the surface:

Start up costs € 10
Engravings costs surface < 20 cm2 €0,10/cm2
surface 20 – 100 cm2 €0,08/cm2
surface 100 – 500 cm2 €0,06/cm2
surface > 500 cm2 €0,04/cm2
Material costs Depending on the chosen material

Prices are excl. tax