Suitable file type: Illustrator (.ai)

The basis is that the file consists of lines (vectors) and not of pixels (such as an image). In some cases it is relatively easy to convert a (high resolution) image to a line drawing, for more information you can contact us.

Are you unable to realize a digital drawing yourself? Do you need help in developing your design? We offer help and advice to make a design producible. Please contact us.

design guidelines

Max. dimensions: 60 cm wide and infinitely long
Scale: Draw in scale 1:1, with millimetres as unit
File formats: .AI (Adobe Illustrator) of .DXF (Autocad)
Lay out: Deliver ‘clean’ drawings: remove all objects except the cutting paths, so no centre lines etc.)
Stroke; use thin lines (0.2 mm or hairline)
Ungroup all objects, but make sure that all lines are joined. (In Illustrator: command join)
Remove all infill (fills, hatches, etc.)
Remove all objects in invisible layers
Remove all clippins masks.
Note: every line is cut! if you put multiple lines over each other, they are all cut.
Texts Create outlines from texts. (Illustrator: command ‘Create Outlines’, CAD programs: command ‘Explode’)
Precision Very small planes (<2 mm) should be avoided, as these cannot be cut nicely.