To enable you to apply your sticker easily, we first peel away all the vinyl that is not part of the image. Then we apply an extra layer of transfer tape on top of the sticker. The transfer tape is less adhesive compared to the vinyl and will allow you to apply the sticker without difficulty.

Step 1 Clean the surface and make sure it is free of any grease.
Step 2 Decide where to apply the sticker and mark this with pieces of tape.
Step 3 Stick the sticker with some tape in the middle at the right spot
Step 4 Carefully peel away the back layer of the sticker on one side of the tape. Cut the back material on that side of the tape, now you will only have the transfer tape with the sticker on it.
Step 5 Now apply this half of the sticker to the wall
Step 6 Now remove the other side of the back material and also apply this half of the sticker
Step 7 Carefully remove the transfer foil